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Reaching for Tomorrow

This speed reading system is designed to be very easy to use and it can cause instant improvement. Those who are the most serious about speed reading can approach and then enter what we define here as the Area of Total Recall.


Area of Total Recall - your reading speed is in the range of 1,200 to 1,800 words a minute while your comprehension still remains very near 100 percent.

Total Recall - your reading speed is above 1,800 words a minute while your comprehension is very near 100 percent.

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Within this system, Total Recall is also defined as having the ability to look at the page of a book for less than 12 seconds and remember almost all that is there.

For this example

A page is defined as having 360 words (36 lines with 10 words on each line). There are 5, 12 seconds intervals in 1 minute: (5 X 12 seconds = 60 seconds). So, 360 words in 12 seconds is 1,800 words per minute:   (5 X 360 words = 1,800 words per minute).

Some of the effects of Total Recall begins to occur well before your reading speed reaches 1,800 words a minute. When you can process 20 words per second, your reading speed is 1,200 words per minute. Your comprehension remains very near 100 percent. At that point, you have entered in the Area of Total Recall.


If you can read 20 words per second while remembering almost every detail, you are in the "Area of Total Recall".

head + memory objects

You can then continue your journey toward Total Recall, which is beyond 1,800 words per minute. This procedure is not difficult. But, maintaining the Schedule For Total Recall requires total persistence. But the personal reward that comes with knowing your true capabilities is worth the required persistence.

And of course, Total Recall continues to occur beyond 1,800 words per minute.

All reading material that is used with this speed reading system for practice and testing must always be within the grade level of the person using the system.

Increasing your reading speed and increasing your grade level are two separate issues. Using this speed reading system, it is easy to increase your reading speed, if you use reading material that is within present grade level.

Once your reading speed is higher, it is then much easier to raise your grade level, by learning new words.

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