The Executive Tutoring Program


The Executive Tutoring Program contains MS1 thru MS31 and four private lessons at a toll-free 800 number in the USA.

This allows you to double your reading speed within the next 30-minutes.

You can buy it now for $849.00.

MS1 thru MS 10 is the Basic "Speed Reading Power" that develops your ability to increase your reading speed beyond the (600 WPM) Sub-Vocalization Barrier.

When used as prescribed, it will take your reading speed beyond the Sub-Vocalization Barrier.

It takes you into the 1,000 WPM area where your memory, concentration, and recall increases.

It causes the increase in your mental processing speed and takes you beyond Sub-Vocalization (600 WPM), where memory, recall, and concentration increases.

MS11 thru MS20 is the Intermediate "Speed Reading Power" that continues to increase your mental processing speed.

When used as prescribed, it will take your reading speed beyond the "Two Line Break Point Barrier", into the 1,500 WPM area where reading an entire line is as easy as you now read a single word.

MS21 thru MS31 is the Advanced "Speed Reading Power" that can put you in the top one percent of the world's faster readers.

When used as prescribed, it will take you beyond the "Area Of Total Recall" into the 2,000 WPM area where "Right Brain Activation" occurs.

The Executive Tutoring Program may be Downloaded immediately and you get your first Private Lesson now.

CDs are no longer available.

The Full System may be purchased separately for $849.00.

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